Benefits of Freeview over Freesat

As a local aerial installer in Chester I will from time to time come across customers that want to have satellite TV points fitted in to more than one room in their house. Asked why, they mention that they like the choice of channels on option from the Freesat over Freeview.

It’s at this point, that I scratch my head and ask them which particular channels they like. Quite often these favourites are also shown on Freeview, when I point this out, they are often then confused and undecided as to go for a satellite or terrestrial system.

In my humble opinion, unless you are receiving your signal from off a repeat Transmitter instead of the main Transmitter, and the signal in your area is good, I’d always go for a Terrestrial Freeview set up over a satellite system. One of the main reasons is that simply put it is more flexible, and cheaper.

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How is it more Flexible?

With a terrestrial system that receives its signal via a TV aerial or Antenna, because of the nature of that digital signal, it can be plugged into an amplifier and split numerous times without degradation of the signal strength and quality. This means that a home can have 6, 8 12 or 16 TV points around the house (if you live in a palace) off just one aerial and from a fairly inexpensive powered amplified splitter.

A satellite signal is completely different, in that if you want more than one point in the house to have a satellite point you need to have one of two things either an LNB (the device at the end of the satellite dish arm) that has either a 4 output or an 8 output, or you need a completely different LNB and a multi switch system, which is a lot more expensive to buy and much more complicated to set up.

Why is Freeview a Cheaper option?

All modern TV’s are fitted with a digital tuner which is there ready to be tuned into the freeview signal in the area it is installed. This means that if there is a working aerial point in the room where that TV is going, the TV will work straight off that without the need to buy anything else to get it to work.

With the Freesat satellite point, in most cases an additional satellite receiver would need to be used for the TV to be able to receive the channels and work. In some cases a television may have both tuners, with a Freeview and a Freesat input at the back of the TV. In this instance, the satellite cable could just be screwed into it and the TV tuned in for it to work, however, this isn’t normally the case. So, if you have multiple rooms in the house with a satellite feed coming in, for each TV that doesn’t have a Freesat tuner, and additional Freesat receiver would need to be purchased if the TV’s are going to work.


As a result it is better for the reasons mentioned above to have a professionally installed TV aerial system for the best results.