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Do I Need a Digital Aerial?

Short answer is no, but it all depends on what location your aerial is in relation to the TV Transmitter. If you live close by, then either an analogue or digital aerial will pick up a good enough signal. However, if like many you live some distance from the mast, then it is advisable to have a quality digital aerial professionally fitted. Ofcourse, if you have an analogue aerial it is probably very old, and it will require upgrading to an aerial installer to fit you a modern antenna suitable to the digital signal.

I’m Losing Channels, Should I Buy a Booster?

Although a booster or amplifier as they are also called can improve the strength of a signal, it will also boost the background noise and can often make things worse. If you are already losing channels from a signal that had previously enjoyed a good reception, the chances are yo have a fault with either the aerial itself or the cable. It’s time to give us a call

My TV Picture Keeps Freezing, What Should I do?

Firstly, check that the coax cable is correctly plugged into the back of either your telly or satellite receiver. If it is, then unplug it and see if any water drips out of the end. If water is seeping out, then do not under any circumstances plug it back in. Call us out and we will repair or replace the cable and whatever else is causing the water ingress. If no water is dripping out, then it is safe to plug back in, but you would need to call out an engineer to investigate the problem.

Is it OK to put a join on to an existing aerial cable and run a new cable off it in to another room?

Apart from looking very untidy, it is not advisable to connect a splitter to your aerial other than ear the aerial head itself, since it will significantly degrade the quality of the TV Signal.

My Sky Dish has been Knocked Off Alignment, can I just move it back and get the signal back?

Well, you may get lucky and lock onto the signal, so it’s always worth ago, but be careful on the ladders, and get someone to foot them. Usually, it will take a little skill with the dish and a satellite meter to line up the dish in the correct position. If after a few attempts, you still are not picking up the signal, stop wasting your time 7 book in a visit from one of our friendly engineers.

Will You Fit a TV Bracket I already Have?

It depends on whether or not you have all of the correct bolts and pieces required to re-install it on the wall to your TV. In most cases, if the bracket isn’t new, we don’t.