Five Steps To Improve Poor TV Reception

When it comes to enjoying your favourite TV show, there’s nothing more annoying than being forced to look at your show in poor quality. So, when it comes to getting your TV reception up and running, the following five steps will do the trick for you. Dive in as here at TV Aerials Ellesmere Port aid you in removing the fuzzy picture quality and frequent loss of signals!

Table of Contents

Upgrade Your Aerial

Before you get too frustrated and decide to bang on your TV, you should look into actually upgrading your aerial. Most of the times, individuals think that they can simply buy a product with the words aerial and it would magically fix all of their problems. However, we’re here to tell you that it takes a little more than just slapping on an aerial device. Since the analog tech took over, the signals produced have been split into two separate frequency bands.

These being the UHF also known as the ultra-high frequency and the VHF known as the very high frequency. However, most times when a user experiences poor reception it is simply due to the possible and actually real issues which revolve around the broadcasting location as well as the compatibility of the frequency produced. As such, your aerial should be able to not only receive frequencies but also be able to do them at various strengths.

As such, in some UK areas the aerial wideband can be readily upgraded in order to receive various digital frequencies. This is simply due to the fact that other regions use multiplexes each time they broadcast. However, older model television sets were designed for much narrower frequencies and they now experience pretty poor reception. So, if you think this may be your problem, you can always check to see if you really need an upgrade with the use of the Freeview Coverage Checker.

Install A Pre-Amplifier

If your signal is supplied to multiple television sets via the same antenna, you’re going to need a new install, a signal splitter. Most times, there is the common problem of the initial signal becoming weak due to it being split into two. So, in order to resolve this issue, you can purchase a pre-amplifier to boost your signal and supply it to the coax cable. In the rare case where this doesn’t effectively work, you’ll need to purchase a distribution amp in order to further boost the signal from the antenna.

Check Your Wiring

Often enough, when users experience poor reception it can very well be due to the fact that they had some lose cables within their setup. As such, it is extremely important to check your port-of-call. This will ensure that the plugs are properly fitted into the peripherals. And you can also perform a check on the socket faceplate as well.

Buy A Signal Booster

When considering this option, this is typically left as a last resort in your list of solutions. In other words, a booster makes your signal vulnerable to various interferences. So, if you live in an area that usually has poor signals, you’ll need to purchase a masthead amplifier. However, be sure that it is screened because those which are not can create much more problems to deal with.

Change Your Supplier

In some cases, no matter how much expensive or relatively cheap high quality equipment that you have, you still end up with issues at the end of the day. So, if you’ve tried all the other solutions and still no success, it just might be time to change to a new supplier. If for some reason you are legally bound by a contract, you should make it your business to seek recommendations from a specialist on other reputable suppliers.

However, you should also note that digital TV signals can be interrupted and affected by literally almost anything. And finding the proper solution to your problem might take quite some time. So, before you rush into purchasing new equipment, you should try repositioning your aerial as well as removing any obstruction that could possibly be creating issues!