Here Is Why You Might Need A TV Aerial For Your Smart TV

Here is one subject that is not as straightforward as it may seem. You probably are wondering how an entire blog post is dedicated to answering a question that seems to have a straight yes or no answer. Well, you can rest assured that it is not as simple as you might think. Here is why:

I’ve divided this post into several sections – which might make it look like it is jumping from one part to another. However, if you pay close attention to the headers used, you will find that the different parts are quite relevant. Nevertheless, I advise you to read the entire thing to get the picture (metaphorically-speaking.)

Can One Watch Live Television Without an Aerial on A Smart TV?

If you don’t have a TV aerial and want to watch Soarview in Ireland or Freeview in the UK through your Smart digital television connected to the Ethernet via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, I am sorry to say, but that won’t be possible, even with an indoor aerial. UK’s Freeview is a television service that delivers live TV streams via an aerial and is currently not available over the internet. The same applies to Freesat – live television functionality will not work if you do not have a satellite dish.

The only option you have is to watch TV on demand or catch-up TV. The type of television you have will determine the services you can receive. Most Smart televisions in the UK come with ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, 5OD, and All4, together with other services like YouTube and subscription-based services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. While offerings aren’t always the same, we’re coming to a point where most newer Smart televisions offer all of the services mentioned above. However, it is advisable that you don’t assume that just because your TV is “Smart”, that you will receive all of them. I once had the early version of Sharp Smart television in my shop, and it did not come with iPlayer. The customer who wanted the TV could not receive it, and I had a hard time explaining why to her.

It’s worth noting that most of the smart televisions out there today with satellite tuners and integrated Freesat use the Freesat platform on their Smart TV portals. The carriage fees dispute between Channel 4, ITV and BBC (Channel 4 was forced to pay the other two to broadcast on Freesat), led to Channel 4 removing All 4 and Channel 4 HD from the Freesat platform. As a result, people whose TVs have the All 4 app can’t receive the channel despite the icon appearing.

In short, if you want to watch live television like ITV, BBC1, BBC2 and the likes at the time of writing this, you will either need a satellite dish or an aerial.