How does 4G interfere with a Digital TV Signal?

In 2010 we had the digital switch over. This was when the old analogue signal that had been used for decades got replaced by a new digital transmission. The reason for this nationwide change was because of the increase in use of mobile phones and other mobile devices and their use of data for things such as browsing the web and streaming. This was a busy period for aerial fitters in Crewe (view our page)since many people were looking to get there old analogue aerials changed to digital ones.

In the past this wasn’t even a problem since mobile devices used so very little bandwidth it didn’t interfere with the frequencies used, but because of newer smart phones this was no longer the case. Mobile devices are using more and more of the band width and this is now getting very close to the frequencies used by TV transmitters. Plus there are more phone masts being erected that transmit their own frequencies which can be very close to the frequencies transmitted from their local TV tower. When this happens there can be issues with the signal reception on the TV.

When this kind of interference happens there are only a few things that can be done to rectify the problem. One is to fit a 4G filter on to the cable coming in to the TV. And another way is to re position the actual antenna to see if it can pick up a cleaner signal. Most of the time we would recommend a filter, since it is a lot more reliable and a lot less expensive than paying for an engineer to spend time looking for a better signal

The 4G interference will not show on all of the television channels, but will usually show on those whos frequency is very close to the frequency transmitted from off the phone mast. These means that you will lose or have picture break up on some channels and perfect TV pictures from off other channels. Since 4G interference is invisible, it may take a professional with some experience to pin point the problem and to suggest the right fix for it.

There are also other environmental factors that can cause problems with your telly signal, one being wind turbines. These are popping up everywhere and the thing with a wind turbine is that they give off electromagnetic interference and this can be intermittent due to the weather. When there is a mild to strong wind, they spin causing the interference, but when it is a mild day they don’t. Only an engineer with local knowledge and experience with this can spot this problem and resolve it using a filter. Other than that many inexperienced aerial fitters are left scratching their heads as to why there is an intermittent problem.

This is why it pays to call out experienced technicians with the right testing equipment, rather than getting in a handyman to fix an aerial fault.