So, the quick answer to this questions as to do indoor aerials work, is yes and no! The thing is, as a local aerial installer for TV Aerials Crewe I come across these indoor aerials a lot. Usually they are used when the householders own aerial on the roof has failed, as they then go out and try to get by using one of these indoor aerials. And, I am there in most cases because they do not work.

However, I said in most cases, since there are occasions when they do work. The thing is they are only small units and are generally positioned in a downstairs room inside the house. Also, they are fighting the problem, that unless the house is situated within a few miles of a TV transmitter, it will be in a medium to low signal strength area. In these situations an indoor aerial won’t work. But, it will work if positioned in an upstairs room, when the house or flat is within a few miles of a transmitter.

The indoor aerial is really designed for one of two things, an emergency to use until a fitter comes out and repairs the aerial on the chimney or from within a caravan or park home, but again, it really needs to be situated near a transmitter otherwise it just won’t be able to pick up anything at all. I have seen these little indoor aerials hanging out of upstairs windows in the vain hope of getting a better signal for the telly. In most cases it make no difference at all and the indoor aerial ends up being just another £30 down the drain.

Sometimes it’s better to resign to defeat, call out an engineer and read a book while you wait for your antenna to be fixed. Also, nowadays we have the internet and there are plenty of things online to keep the kids and yourself entertained for a few days whilst you await getting your telly back up and running. Don’t panic, keep calm and carry on!