Is Your BT Vision Youview Box Running Slow?

In my role of aerial and satellite dish / AV installer I am used to coping with various challenges in my everyday life that many people simply do not come across. For example, the amount of time it should take for AV equipment to get started. From the moment you switch it on and what I have observed is that BT Vision boxes and Youview boxes, the ones that TalkTalk TV use, seem to take a long time to turn on. In fact, they seem to be even slower than the early Sky+HD boxes which, if you remember, took what appeared an eternity to get started. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not criticising the service. I actually really like the Youview platform which has opened the door to a lot of other services like Freetime, I see it as a good thing that Sky has now got some competition.

When you switch on a BT Vision box you will notice that it goes to a Youview screen, then you get the BT Vision screen. After that, a few screen messages appear. one of the messages will say “ready ready”. I reckon this was a bit of a joke as surely they were aware how long the box really takes to be ‘ready’! When, at long last, you get a TV picture you will notice that the TV remote and the Youview box are very unresponsive for several minutes. Eventually, things start to work as you hoped for. Granted, this isn’t a massive issue but it does normally take about 5 minutes from switch on to things being up and running.

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Is There a Fault With My BT Vision / Youview Box?

Don’t worry, you don’t have a faulty box if it is acting the way I have just described. I mean, your box may have a fault but the fact that it is slow to get started is completely normal. The reason for this delay is that the box enters a very deep sleep so that it is not wasting energy when not in use. This means when it needs to start up it has to do a warm up first. Almost like having a few stretches before you head for a run.

How To Get Your BT Vision And Youview Box To Speed Up

You will be glad to know that there are a few things that you can do to speed up your BT Vision or Youview box when you first switch it on. Go into the ECO settings which are in the menu. After this, set it up to Smart Standby or Always Ready in the mode section. If you select Always Ready this means it will always be at the ready to switch on quickly. This does have a downside though as it will use more energy than the Energy Saver Mode. The Smart Standby mixes the two. During the night the box will go into a deep sleep as this is the time of least use. It will however, during the day it will power up quickly.

How To Change The Energy Settings:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab
  2. Go to ‘Box & Management’ and select ‘Power & Standby’
  3. Make your choice of either ‘Energy Saver Mode’, ‘Always Ready’ or ‘Smart Standby’.

If you select the ‘Smart Standby’ option you’re then able to configure the hours that the box will go into a deep sleep. Using the same menu you can select the hours you and want. It’s great if you tend to be an early bird or a night owl as you can adjust the hours to suit. Do note though that for Youview+ boxes, any scheduled recordings will not work when the box is in a deep sleep.

Other Things That You Could Try

It is also a good idea to ensure that the latest software is downloaded on your box. This is because it may improve performance. For certain missing software updates can often be to blame for a box running very slow. To update software follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select ‘Information & Reset’ and then select #Software Installation’
  3. Select ‘Software Update’.

A Faulty Box

There’s also a possibility that a faulty box is causing things to run on the slow side. It is best to try all of the things we have mentioned in this blog first. If you still have no joy, report the fault to BT or TalkTalk, whichever one you use as your provider.