Reasons To Have a Communal Satellite or Aerial System

A communal satellite or aerial system can transmit signals from a single installation to several TV sets within the property and surrounding areas. Even though some individuals think a single television dish is the best option, others beg to differ with this statement, probably due to the higher cost involved with taking this route. However, those prefer a single TV dish do not know that there are other advantages that a communal aerial or satellite system has to offer, which far outweigh the initial cost of installation & can circumvent common problems.

That said, we are going to mention some of the reasons communal satellites and aerials are an excellent option in places where multiple outlets are needed and so, a good option for property developers, councils, landlords of apartments, hotels, housing associations, institutions, etc.

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Reduces Cost and Saves Time

Most tenants nowadays reside in apartments that have a communal aerial and satellite as it’s an excellent way of saving money and the time spent on installations, maintenance and even repairs. Additionally, tenants get to enjoy a wide array of TV stations and subscriptions as part of satellite bundles that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Rather than having many TV aerials and dishes that look unsightly and make the property look appealing, having a communal aerial or satellite reduces the need of all the dishes and antennas. If every resident has their own antenna, it would be hard to hide and this can take a toll on the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Increases Profit

For the landlords and property owners, a common satellite or aerial is a huge benefit as it attracts tenants due to the added benefits of having a communal satellite like many channels and better packages. This allows landlords to increase the rental price of the apartments. Most people prefer paying a little more for this service rather than having to cover the costs of getting their own.


If you are a landlord or property owner and are on the fence about installing a single or communal satellite and aerial for your building, you should certainly pick the latter. You will not only be able to easily attract tenants and please them with the feature, but your business will be more lucrative.