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TV Installation & Wall Mounting Services

So you have a flat screen television that needs hanging on a wall. If ever you have tried to carry out TV installation on a wall, you will know it is not an easy job to do correctly. There are many pitfalls to doing this and therefore it is advisable to leave it up to the professionals.

man fitting a tv to a wallWe have carried out 100’s of TV wall mounting installs over the many years we’ve been in business and we are not only experienced and completely comfortable with doing this, we are also fully insured.

Whether you require a flat bracket with a tilt or a bracket where the TV comes out on an arm and can swivel 180degs, we have the brackets for your TV and the know how to be able to fit it perfectly level, securely & with a minimal of fuss. Also, we can hide the cables in trunking or sometimes within the walls, extend power cables, provide longer HDMI cables and coax cables for your TV aerial, or for Sky. We provide the complete service for you from the TV bracket to the install.

When you call us to hang your LCD, LED or Plasma television on the wall, we will ask you a few questions to find out as much as we can so that we can provide not only the correct bracket for your TV but to also ascertain whether where you are wanting the TV to be fitted is actually possible. We need to know the size of TV, the type of wall it is going on, being brick or stud, and also what you require from the bracket in its functionality. We will also get a good idea if you require cable management too.

We Supply TV Brackets & Fit Them

Have you have been looking through the many pages of the internet looking to find the correct TV bracket for you? If so, look no further, we can provide brackets from 15″ to 75″ plus, in a range of designs to suit you and at a price, most internet sellers can’t beat. We offer a simple no fuss, installation with a minimal of mess & disruption, with most installs being completed within 1 hour. We also, carry a range of power cables, HDMI & Scart cables in various lengths. We provide the complete service, so if you would like to speak to us further about doing a TV wall mount for you, then, please call the number below.