Setting Up Freeview

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What Is Freeview?

Freeview is the name given to the UK’s subscription-free digital terrestrial TV service that is available through an aerial. It is available on all compatible TVs, boxes and personal video recorders. Freeview offers some of the most popular TV and radio channels in the country.

Freeview is considered the best choice if you do not want to take a subscription package like with some satellite services. It is also good for people on a budget who do not want to pay the large monthly subscription fees for TV packages.

How Can You Get Freeview?

Before you can get Freeview, you need to ensure that your aerial is digital compatible. You also need to have a Freeview-compatible TV or Freeview box. All TVs made after 2010 will have built-in Freeview which means that you should be good to go after you plug it in.

If you do not have a digital-compatible aerial, you will have to get one. There are a lot of services that can help you with this even if you are in a poor signal area. It is important that you contact a professional to handle this for you.

Installing The Freeview Box

If you want to get Freeview through a box, you will have to set this up before you can access the channels. Fortunately, this is something that you can quickly and easily do. The box that you get should have a remote control with batteries, a power lead and an HDMI or SCART lead. Of course, you can only set up the box after you have your digital-compatible aerial.

To set up the box, you will need to plug the aerial lead into the appropriate socket at the back of the box. This socket is generally marked as aerial in, RF in or simply aerial. You will then have to plug the HDMI or SCART cable into the right socket on your TV. The other end of the cable will need to be plugged into the correct socket in your box.

You can then turn the TV on. Once the TV is on, you need to turn on the Freeview box. The box will generally be detected by the TV automatically. However, if this does not happen, you will need to change the channel to HDMI 1 or AV 1.

Once on the right channel, you can start tuning your box. Once the box has been tuned, you can store all of the channels you have found. You will need to use the Freeview remote to explore all of the channels you can get.

How Do You Tune Freeview Channels?

Once your Freeview box has been set up, it should be ready to begin tuning automatically. However, if this does not happen or there are other technical issues, you need to manually tune the Freeview. To do this, you will have to select the menu on the box or remote control.

There you will need to choose set up and then update or installation. If you are asked for a password, you will need to use the defaults of either 0000 or 1234. After entering the password, you can choose first time installation, full retune or factory reset.

Your Freeview box may ask if it is fine to delete existing channels and you need to select yes. This will delete any old settings and make space for the new channels and order. If you are prompted, you should choose to save your channels.

What If You Cannot Get Any Freeview Channels?

If you have problems receiving any channels or tuning your device, you need to check your aerial. You also need to ensure that you have a good quality aerial installed that is picking up the best signal. If you have multiple TVs, you need an aerial with a strong signal.