Are you planning on visiting the wonderful city of Chester, do you want to have the chance to behold a monumental city, that is filled with many historic objects and sites? Perhaps, you don’t know these facts, but you are interested in visiting this city; or perhaps, you do. However, if you are looking for what to do, or where to find these amazing historic sites. Well, we have composed a list of something interesting you should do, while in Chester. Based on a review carried out online.

  1. Chester Zoo

Amongst the online 11,104 reviews we came across, 7475 person’s says this is the best thing to do once you are in Chester, for the animals’ lover. So are you an animal lover? Then you should go check it out once you set foot in Chester. The zoo is located at: Upton-by-Chester, Chester CH2 1LH, England

  1. The Walls Of Chester

Another place to check out, or you might want to check out the moment you step into Chester city is: Chester famous walls! This is the same wall erected by the Roman’s, many centuries ago; it’s really a historical site to see and walk on! The wall is found at: Chester CHI IRE, England. According to 4,702 reviews conducted online, 2,895 reviewers, believe it’s worth seeing while in Chester. Now that’s a real big number there.

  1. Chester Cathedral.

Chester cathedral is a historic site, as old as the Roman era. It used to be under the name of St. Peter and St. Paul, and later changed to St. Werburgh’s; this was after King Aetherled buried his Christian niece in the church premises. There is a street named after her in Cheshire. This historic religious building is now dedicated to Christ and the virgin Mary. According to 3,804 reviews online, 2,471 reviewers say checking out the historic site is really worth it. You can have selfies while at it, your choice! The building is located at: 12 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU, England

  1. Chester Cathedral Falconry and Nature Gardens

Aside the historic building, Chester cathedral also boast of a wonderful garden and beautiful animals. Why don’t you check it out? According to 351 reviews online, 305 reviewers support you don’t let the chance slip past you! Here is an address to the place: St Werburgh Street, Chester CH1 2HU, England

  1. Eastgate Clock

Do you remember the East gate Clock? The one that was erected in the honor of Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee? Another point of interest you should check out when you get to Chester. According to 679 reviews online, 395 reviews agree that this place is worth checking out. Why don’t you try it out? Here is the address: 45 Eastgate Street, Chester CH1 1LR, England.

  1. River Dee

This is the famous river from which Chester got its first name: Deva from. When you visit Chester, you should try checking out the river. You can enjoy a 30 minutes City Cruise on the river and imagine yourself going back through centuries, picturing what history the city holds, if you are a history person.

Whatever your choice might be, when you travel to Chester be certain that you can never be bored: there is always something fascinating to behold, or be a part of. Have fun!