What Is The Reason For All 4 And Channel 4 Leaving Freesat?

In what we could say was one of the biggest shocks, as well as disappointments, since Sky Sports News left Freeview. Channel 4 HD and All 4 HD (known as 4OD previously), both left the Freesat platform. It did so on 22 February 2018. Of course, it is only the subscribers to Freesat HD that have a compatible smart set top box that will feel this impact.

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What Is The Reason For All 4 And Channel 4 Leaving Freesat?

The reason is the amount that Freesat is levying the carriage fees to Channel 4. The charges apparently, are meant to be pretty considerable, is the reason for this. I really can’t pass comment on this. However, a channel spokesperson stated that they are disappointed Freesat is making changes to its charging structure which will mean a considerable cost increase for Channel 4. This will result in funding be removed from its content investment budget. This has meant that they have given notice to withdraw All 4 and C4 HD so that they can look closely at their long term relationship with Freesat.

Granted, putting satellites in space for TV use must not be cheap but it’s perhaps hard to imagine that even though every owner of a TV in the Uk pays a TV licence to the BBC, the money is still not enough. The belief seems to be that Chanel 4 should be upping their payments.

Will All 4 And Channel 4 Be Lost By Freeview, Freeview Play And Youview?

No. Channel 4 are partners in Freeview along with BBC, ITV, Arqiva and actually Sky as well, so there is no reason to believe there will be an impact here. Freesat is a venture which the BBC and ITV took on together so obviously, Channel 4 is not really part of the decision-making process for it

How Can You Keep Receiving Channel 4 HD?

It is still possible to get Channel 4 for free if you use Youview, Freeview or Freeview play. This is because they all receive Channel 4 via a TV aerial rather than through a satellite dish. Those subscribed to EETV and BT Vision will also not be affected for the same reason. It is the same for subscribers to Virgin Media and Sky.

The Bottom Line

It would be good if the BBC / ITV and Channel 4 can sort things out. It certainly seems that Channel 4 are willing to be part of such negotiations. Their website noted that they are committed to bringing Freesat customers the best content and hope that the channels return soon.

Until this happens, it seems that Freeview Play does have the edge over Freesat. For the time being and this is the service that I will be recommending to my own clients over Freesat. In fact, if this latest news comes as a real disappointment to you. Plus, you happen to live in the Wrexham area and want to change over from Freesat to Freeview. Then just make contact with me and I’ll be delighted to get the transition going for you.