Which Is Better? To Leave My TV On Standby Or To Switch It Off?

There are two types of people: people who switch their TVs off completely and those who leave it on standby (leaving the little red light on). These people will even turn off their indoor aerial if they use one.

A lot of people wonder which option is the best – should they leave their TVs on standby or should they turn it off to save energy and money? Well, it depends.

In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of each option and will be looking at why you should consider leaving your television on standby when retiring to bed.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Disconnect Your Television from The Power Source

Most TVs upgrade their software at night when they aren’t being used since most people are generally asleep. The reason for this is to improve user experience and to fix any issues that might be plaguing the existing software. If you switch off your television despite that, it is worth noting that you could be missing out on getting crucial software upgrades, unless you’re willing to handle this manually, which can be quite annoying.

Some TVs do not allow you to turn them off completely from the switch or remote. For such devices, the only way to completely shut down would be disconnecting the TV from the power socket, which is usually not that easy considering that the power socket is often located behind the television.

And let’s say you want to record a late night program using a digital box, if you switch off your TV, then it will not work. Fortunately, there’s a trick you could use, and that is to leave the digital box on and the TV on standby. Your video recorder will automatically power up, record your program, then shut down once it is done.

What If You Decide to Completely Power Down Your TV?

Completely shutting down your television will save you some money. And while the savings are small, it could amount to considerable energy savings at the end of the year.

At the same time, you will be doing the environment a favour while saving electricity.

Keeping your television off at night is also safer, but that does not mean that leaving it on is unsafe. However, should a storm suddenly start, it could damage your TV.

All in all, the decision whether to leave your TV on standby or to completely shut it down is entirely up to you. Now that you know the pros and cons of each option, it is all up to you to decide.